Dr. Junfeng Qu

Release time:2016-04-19

Dr. Junfeng Qu
University Lecturer
Low Carbon Energy Institute


Low Carbon Energy Institute, China University of Mining and Technology, Lecturer (2010-present)

China University of Mining and Technology(Ph.D. in Management,2010)

YANGZHOU UNIVERSITY (Bachelor of Engineering in Hydraulic Engineering, 1996)

First Price of China's Geographic Information of Science and Technology Progress Award, National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation 2013
Third-class Merits, Xvzhou Government 2015
Advanced Individual Award, CUMT 2011, 2013
Advanced Party Member, CUMT 2014
Second Prize of Best Paper, The Chinese society of soil remote sensing and information professional committee 2013
High-level development BBS paper first prize, Xuzhou Association of Science of Philosophical and Social Sciences 2010

Mine Ecological Reconstruction
Land Reclamation
Ecological Restoration
Ecological Water Purification
Configuration and Optimized Utilization of Water and Soil Resources


Journal Articles

1.Naishun Bu, Kun Wang, Yule Hou, Gang Li, Shujuan Qi, Changming Fang, Junfeng Qu*. Effects of Semi-lunar Tidal Cycling on Soil Physical and Chemical Properties in Coastal Wetlands. Resources and Environment in the Yangtze Basin. Nov.2015, Vol.24, Issue 11, Pages 1898-1905.

2.Fu Chen, Shaojin Hao, Junfeng Qu*, Jing Ma, Shaoliang Zhang. Enhanced biodegradation of polychlorinated biphenyls by defined bacteria-yeast consortium. Annals of Microbiology. Dec 2015, Vol.65, Issue 4, Pages 1847-1854.

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6.Naishun Bu, Junfeng Qu, Hua Zhao, Qingwu Yan, Bin Zhao, Jinglan Fan, Changming Fang, Gang Li. Effects of semi-lunar tidal cycling on soil CO2 and CH4 emissions: a case study in the Yangtze River estuary, China. Wetlands Ecology and Management. Aug 2015, Vol 23, Issue 4, Pages 727-736.

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12.QU Junfeng, LI Gang, ZHANG Shoaling, LI Kexin, ZHANG Pei. Study on Exploitation and Utilization of Water and Land Resources to Mining Subsidence in the Plain Area of Higher Underground water. CHINA MINING MAGAZINE. Mar 2009, Vol.18, Issue 3, Pages 64-66.

13.QU Junfeng, LI Gang, ZHANG Shaoliang. Artificial Wetland Planning Based on Reclamation of Coal-mining Subsided Land with High Groundwater in Plain Area—Taking Xuzhou Jiuli Planning of Artificial Wetlands as Example. Water Saving Irrigation. 2008, Issue 3, Pages 27-30.


1.Based on the Coal Mining Area Reclamation Optimal Utilization of Soil and Water Resources Research

Qu Junfeng, LI Gang, ZHANG Shaoliang, 2010.

2.Research on Consolidation and Restoration of Wastewater Irrigation Farmland

WANG Hui, QU Junfeng, LI Gang, ZHAO Hua, CANG Long, DING Zhongyi, 2010.

3.Study on the Coordinated Use of Abandoned Coal Mine Land

LI Gang, WU Kan, XIA Junwu, CHANG Jiang, ZHAO Hua, DING Zhongyi, QU Junfeng,2010.

Patent Name, Patent Number,
Authorization Date,Inventors

Cascade Regulation of Water Resources and Ecological Water Quality Purification Method in Coal Mining Subsidence Wetland with High Groundwater Level. Patent Number: ZL 2014 1 0172839.3. Authorization Date: 2015.6.24. Inventors: QU junfeng, CHEN Fu, LI Gang, WANG Kun, ZHANG Shaoliang, WANG Hui, DING Zhongyi, ZHAO Hua.


1.Coordination the Development and Regulation of Land Resources in Coal Mining Area – 2(3AT137079-1),.200 Thousand, National longitudinal, Direct, 2012-2015.

2.Optimization Economic Crops Irrigation Technology Research in Fengxian (6AT136398). 300 Thousand, Internal longitudinal, Direct, 2011-2013.

3.Monitoring the Water and Soil Resources in Xuzhou North Part Subsidence Area (0ZT110393). 280 Thousand, longitudinal, Dircet, 2011-2013.

4.Water and Salt Migration Characteristics and Regulation Research of Coal Mining Subsidence Land with High Groundwater Level (JS201112). 40 Thousand, longitudinal,Direct,2011-2015.

5.Mechanism of the Coal Mining Area of Soil Organic Carbon Pool Disturbance and Repair Technology Research. 20 Thousand, longitudinal,Direct,2011-2015.

6.Research and Application of Pipeline Irrigation Technology in Fengxian(6AT158022). 200 Thousand, Internal longitudinal, Direct, 2011-2014.

7.River Restoration Planning of Coal Mining Subsidence Basin in Tongshan(6AT137099). 200 Thousand, Internal longitudinal, Direct, 2012-2014.

8.Research and Promotion the Ecological Restoration Technology of Eutrophication Water(6AT147742). 100 Thousand, Internal longitudinal, Direct, 2013-2015.

9.Permanent Delimitation of Basic Farmland in Fengxian(7AT138423). 750 Thousand, Crosswise,Direct,2011-2013.

10.Basic Farmland Consolidation in Qiu Ji Town, Sui Ning Country(7AT138491). 730.6 Thousand, Crosswise,Direct,2011-2013.

11. Planning and Designing the Dynamic Balance of Peixian County Arable Land in 2010(7T111979). 150 Thousand, Crosswise, Direct, 2011-2012.

12. Planning and Designing the Dynamic Balance of Peixian County Arable Land in 2011(7T111980). 120 Thousand, Crosswise, Direct, 2012-2013.

13. Planning and Designing Ecological Environment Construction Plan in Xia Dian Community, Gu Lou Area(7AT150004).  1.43 million, Crosswise, Direct, 2015-2017.

14. Planning and Designing the Development of Zhang Xiaolou wetland in Northpart of Xvzhou(7AT150010). 50 Thousand, Crosswise, Direct, 2015-2016.

15. Research and Promotion the Ecological Restoration Technology of Eutrophication Water(7AT14007). 50 Thousand, Crosswise, Direct, 2014-2015.

16.Planning and Designing the River Village Management Plan in Fengxian Country(Signed).80 Thousand, Direct, 2015-2016.

17. Villages and towns pits management planning and design in Fengxian Country(Signed). 80 Thousand, Direct, 2015-2016.

18. Water Conservancy Construction Planning in Fengxian Country(Signed). 100 Thousand, Direct, 2015-2016.

19. River Equaling Demarcation Scheme in Fengxian Country(Signed). 250 Thousand, Direct, 2015-2016.

20. Repair Technology Integration and Demonstration of Wastewater Irrigation Farmland Monitoring and Evaluation(2011BAD04004). 1.42 Million, National longitudinal, Participate, 2012-2015.

21. The Carbon Effect of Coal Mining Research(51074154). 380 Thousand, National longitudinal, Participate, 2011-2013.

22.The Development of Land and Resources Management in Coal Mining Area(201211011-02). 4.89 Million, National longitudinal, Participate, 2011-2016.

23.The Investigation and Evaluation of Land Ecological Condition in Coal Mining Subsidence in Huang Huaihai Area (5P136664). 300 Thousand, Internal longitudinal, Participate, 2011-2014.

24. Planning and Designing the secondary comprehensive development of the Yellow River communist-held land in Xvzhou(7P138196). 800  Thousand, longitudinal, Participate, 2011-2014.