CO2 Geological Utilization and Storage Institute

Release time:2016-04-19

The geological utilization and storage of carbon dioxide is considered as one of the main techniques to control the global warming and to decrease the greenhouse gas emission. In order to respond of the call of our university “creating ESI first-class disciplines”, the department of CO2 geological utilization and storage was established in the Low carbon energy institute based on the Key Laboratory of Coal-based CO2 Capture and Geological Storage, Jiangsu Province.There are 10 researches and postgraduates in this department. The members have hosted and are hosting more than 20 scientific projects including  the National Natural Science Foundation of China and Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province of Chinaand have published more than 30 scientific papers 2 academic monographs and have been approved 2 national invention patents.

Members in the department are mainly interested in the CO2 enhanced unconventional gas (Coal-bed methane, shale gas and etc.) recovery and CO2 storage in saline aquifer. Detailed research interests include: (1) Potential and safety evaluations of CO2 enhanced unconventional gas recovery; (2)Fluid-solid-heat coupling of CO2 enhanced unconventional gas recovery; (3) Physical and numerical simulation of geological storage; (4) Potential and safety evaluations of CO2 storage in saline aquifer; (5) CO2 resource utilization underground (including mineralization of waste materials, filling and utilization underground).


Dr. Qiyan Feng  

Dr. Run Chen

Dr. Qianlin Zhu

Dr. Linlin Wang

Dr. Shiqi Liu