Carbon-based energy catalysis technology research institute

Release time:2016-04-19

Catalytic conversion technology is an effective technical means to realize the clean and efficient utilization of the traditional coal and renewable biomass and reduce haze pollution. The catalytic technology research institute for the efficient utilization of carbon-based energy is erected to response to the school call of creating first-class ESI discipline and promote the chemistry ESI ranking to reach the world's top 1%, and to reduce haze pollution during the utilization course of carbon based energy through cooperating with the school Sino and US haze prevention centers. Currently, the institute owns 6 research staff and 10 graduate students with more than 10 research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation and the natural science foundation of Jiangsu province. Up to now, we have published more than 40 SCI research papers in international high level journals such as Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Journal of Power Sources, Electrochemistry Communications, Energy and Fuels, Catalysis Communications, Journal of Chemical Physics, Combustion and Flame and obtained three national authorized invention patents.

Main research directions are as following: (1) catalytic mechanism and dynamical basis of coal pyrolysis and gasification; (2) catalytic conversion of biomass to liquid fuels; (3) combustion properties of biomass and coal-based liquid fuels; (4) co-utilization technology of low-quality coal (mud) and organic waste.


Dr. Ziwu Liu

Dr. Wenjun Zhang

Dr. Guojun Kang

Dr. Ruiyu Wang

Dr. Quande Wang

Dr. Ling Liu