Dr. Linlin Wang

Release time:2016-04-19

Dr. Linlin Wang

Assistant Professor
Low Carbon Energy Institute                



Low Carbon Energy Institute, CUMT, Assistant Professor (2014-present)

China University of Mining and Technology (Ph.D. in Geology, 2014)

University of Waterloo (Joint training Ph.D. student, 2011.08-2012.08)

Shandong University of Science and Technology (Bachelor in Geology, 2008)

Coal structure, mechanical properties and reservoir properties of CO2geosequestration in coal seam; Potential assessment of CO2 enhanced coalbed methane recovery.


Journal Articles

[1] Structural Controls on Joint Development in the Southeastern Margin of the Ordos Basin. Wang Linlin, Jiang Bo, Wang Jilin, Qu Zhenghui, Chen Run. 2016. DOI: 10.1007/s12517-016-2364-3.

[2]  Relationship Between Joint Development in Rock and Coal Seams in the Southeastern Margin of the Ordos Basin. Wang Linlin, Jiang Bo, Wang Jilin, Qu Zhenghui, Li Pei, Liu Jiegang. International Journal of Mining Science and Technology. 2014, Vol.24, Issue 2, Pages 219-227.

[3]  Characteristics and Genesis of Clay Minerals in the Northern Margin of the Qaidam Basin. Wang Linlin, Jiang Bo, Peng Dehua, Yin Chengming, Zeng Chunlin. Mining Science and Technology. 2011, Vol. 21, Issue 1, Pages 141-145.

[4]  Evaluation on Relevance of Factors Affected to Seam Gas Content in Daning-Jixian Area. Wang Linlin, Jiang Bo, Lin Shoufa, Qu Zhenghui.Coal Science and Technology, 2013, Vol. 41, Issue, 5,Pages 108-112.

[5] Structural control on gas content distribution in eastern margin of Ordos basin. Wang Linlin, Jiang Bo, Qu Zhenghui.Coal Geology & Exploration. 2013, Vol 41, Issue 1, Pages 14-19.


Wang Linlin, Jiang Bo, Wang Dagang, Mao Xianbiao. Multifunctional high-temperature and high-pressure three-axis coal rock testing device and method. ZL201410138432.9, 2015.12.09.

“Controls of structure on pore characteristics of coal seams in Linfen block ,” Annual academic meeting of coalbed gas geology (2015)