Dr. Qianlin Zhu

Release time:2016-04-19

Dr. Qianlin Zhu
Assistant  Professor
Low Carbon Energy Institute



China University of Mining and Technology, Assistant Professor (2011-present)

2008.9 - 2011.7 Institute of Rock and Soil mechanics, Chinese Academy of SciencesPh.D in Geotechnical Engineering.

2005.9 - 2008.7 Hohai UniversityM.S. in Geotechnical Engineering.

2001.9 - 2005.7 Yangzhou University, B.Admin. degree in Engineering Management

CO2 geological storage

Permeability theory in geotechnical engineering


Numerical simulation


Journal Articles

[1] Qianlin Zhu*, Xiaochun Li, Zhenbo Jiang, Ning Wei, Impacts of CO2 leakage into shallow formations on groundwater chemistry, Fuel Processing Technology, 2015,135162-167 (SCI IF: 3.352)

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